One fall night in 2018 I met up with a friend for drinks. Like most girl hangouts, conversations usually goes from boys to fashion to hair and makeup, and everything in between. On this night, we got into the “hair talk” and we both expressed frustrations about hair products and extensions being so expensive in Windsor and some brands being impossible to find. This friend specifically mentioned that Windsor needed another beauty supply store but we both laughed about the idea and moved on to another topic.

It wasn’t until December 2018, in preparation for a vacation, I made a last minute trip to Detroit to pick up a few packs of braiding hair. That short trip quickly turned into a 50USD trip and an extremely long wait at the border. That was my last draw (part of the reason I have sisterlocks now); I thought of the possibility of opening a beauty supply store here in Windsor, for the people in Windsor. 

“Amoret” (pronounced [ah-mor-ay]); from a far-fetched dream to a now reality, Amoret Beauty represents a girls love for all things beauty and the desire to own every product that hits the market. Amoret Beauty aims to provide a vast array of hair/beauty products and supplies at an affordable price delivered right to your doors.